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A Portable Luxury Restroom for Any Occasion

A Luxury Restroom for Any Occasion



8 Station Restroom

8 Station Outdoors

The Best and Most Luxurious Restroom Trailers in Florida

Royal Throne exists to assure that your next event is the talk of the town for all the RIGHT reasons. No one likes to use a dirty, unkempt restroom. Royal Throne is here to provide you with restrooms that are clean, elegant and remind you of your own home. We primarily serve the state of Florida, but can provide trailers for events across the entire east coast.

We understand that you have a million important items on your event check list. Our goal is to make working with us and renting a trailer as easy, AFFORDABLE and quick as possible. Just tell us about your event and we will identify the perfect luxury restroom trailer that meets your every need. Whether you need it for the weekend or to rent on a monthly basis, we have you covered.

Why Choose a Luxury Restroom Trailer over a Portable Toilet?

The long walk to the portable toilet at an event can be a harrowing experience. You never know quite what to expect. Will it smell? How dirty will it be (because you know it’s not an issue of “if”, but “how much”)? Is there a place to wash my hands? The answer to these questions can ruin your event experience entirely.

With a luxury restroom trailer, you get the home bathroom experience. The toilets flush. The sink has clean water and soap. There’s even room to move around. Check your appearance in an actual mirror and allow your guests to enjoy a seamless event experience. Purchasing a restroom trailer isn’t just about luxury, it’s about comfortability. You know what the right choice is.

Luxury Restroom Trailers for Any Event

  • Weddings

  • Musical Events

  • Sporting Events

  • Corporate Retreats & Events

  • Emergency & Disaster Relief

  • Family Reunion Events

  • Black Tie Events

  • Construction

  • So Much More!

Need Something Extra for Your Luxury Restroom Trailer?

Restroom Attendant Mopping up

Restroom Attendant

To keep the restroom clean and fully stocked with materials, we offer a personal restroom attendant on-site for your event. Your attendant will take care of all the details allowing you to breathe easy knowing that there won’t be any “issues” with your luxury restroom trailer.

Power Generator

If there is not a convenient source of electricity for your luxury restroom trailer, we have the answer! We have power generators available for rent. Keep the lights on and the line moving even when you are in the middle of nowhere. The generator comes fully stocked and can run over 36 hours on one tank of fuel.

Power Generator for Restroom Trailer
Water Delivery Tanks

Fresh Water Delivery

Regardless of your event’s location, you need clean, fresh water available for your guests. That may not be possible if your event is in the middle of a field or far away from water lines on property. We provide and deliver fresh water holding tanks for all trailers when needed. Assure your guests' comfortability by providing them with a fully operational restroom no matter the location.